Rooftop Packaged Unit with Ec Fan Motor

Rooftop Packaged Unit with Ec Fan Motor

— Product Description —


Withair® packaged rooftop models have been designed to be effortless to put in, maintain, and function, with consumer-requested features including a gage port, centralized handle centre, plug-and-enjoy accessory board, “no-strip screw” collars, and managed accessibility panels. Units are area-convertible to horizontal airflow CZPT specific adapter curbs or kits, making it simple for the installer to adjust to sudden jobsite difficulties. Units are pre-wired and pre-charged with environmentally (R-410A) refrigerant and are manufacturing facility analyzed. Withair® packaged rooftop device applicability is extensive and used in purchasing malls, lodges, factories, villas, business housing, business office properties, shops, hospitals and other locations.



— The Crucial Rewards Consist of —


 All model sizes share a widespread, compact cupboard in a solitary footprint for on-internet site versatility.

 Installation time and fees are diminished by simple power and manage wiring. All models are manufacturing facility-wired, charged and analyzed prior to cargo.

 Gas and electrical utility knockouts are offered on unit aspect and bottom for easy connections.

 Compressor is internally guarded against higher stress and temperature.

 Units are engineered and created to be amid the quietest designs.

 Full-perimeter base rails are effortlessly detachable, nevertheless give a strong unit basis.

 Durable finish, created of powder-painted, galvanized metal to fulfill five hundred-hour salt-spray test needs.

 Condensate drain is weighty-duty. three/four” NPT relationship is rigidly mounted for a suitable match and a restricted seal.

 Condensate pan is non-corrosive, lengthy-long lasting and watertight.

 Convertible airflow design and style signifies no panel cutting is required, and no accent panel is necessary.

 Heat exchangers are corrosion-resistant, with aluminized steel tubular design for longevity and extended provider life.

 Post-purge induced draft combustion exhausts combustion merchandise from the heat exchanger to prolong heat exchanger daily life.

 Hot area to pilot ignition gives quicker, far more reliable warmth supply.

 Secured service accessibility ports are protected, externally mounted and reusable on each substantial and minimal traces.

 Complete line of subject-set up accessories, which includes propane and substantial altitude conversion kits, economizers, single- and dual-enthalpy sensors and a lot more.

 Evaporator coils are created with grooved copper tubes and improved for development to enhance heat transfer.

 Condenser coils are made of MicroChannel aluminum tubing and aluminum fins for durability and long-long lasting efficient procedure.

 Cooling running range up to 52°C and down to -1°C.

 Control terminal board facilitating easy protection circuit troubleshooting and simplified handle box arrangement.

 Access panels with easy grip handles and device-much less filter obtain doorway

 Belt push evaporator-fan motor and pulley mixtures CZPT on all a few section designs to fulfill any application

 Field convertible from vertical to horizontal airflow for slab mounting.

 Dependable time/temperature defrost board and logic.

 Loss of demand, freeze protection, and high-force switches

 Totally enclosed condenser motors with permanently lubricated bearings.

 Permanently lubricated evaporator-fan motor.


1. Multi-compressors technique – give up to four grades of refrigeration potential regulation, optional variable potential electronic scroll compressor can more enhance the equipment energy conserving and control precision.

two. CZPT layer board gold framework — polyamine foam double layer board gold composition pioneered by yilong.The greatest thermal resistance in the business is 2.8m2ºC/w.

three. Electronic expansion valve – gives the most precise superheat management (1ºC) whilst decreasing products failure fee.

4. Controller – optional PLC programmable controller enhances field management adaptability and tends to make community relationship quicker.

5. Heat exchanger – the world’s first oval tube heat exchanger to significantly improve the strength conserving stage.

6. Reheater (optional) – reheat is presented by means of waste warmth of condenser CZPT electric heating.

7. Heat recovery wheel (optional) – there are two options, practical heat and complete heat, to soak up the power in the exhaust air.

8. Enthalpy distinction controller (optional) – when the outdoor enthalpy worth is reduce than the indoor enthalpy value, the compressor is shut and the outside natural air is utilized cooling space atmosphere.

nine. Secondary air return (side) – humidity handle by way of secondary air return is the most vitality-preserving humidity control solution.

ten. Gas heating (optional) – gasoline heating can be employed in wintertime to provide secure heating.

eleven. High performance admirer motor – straight connected vortex totally free scenario backward tilt fan significantly enhances fan effectiveness.

twelve. Types variety – air – cooled kind or drinking water – cooled variety for alternative.


Withair’s patent: Air volume and compressor capacity instantly matching


Withair’s Rooftop Device can offer up to 7 ranges of air quantity regulation, tremendously enhancing the vitality efficiency of the equipment.For case in point, when indoor load is reduced, only a single compressor is operating, at this time, the air provide volume will be instantly reduced to 15-twenty% of the whole air volume to attain the vitality preserving goal.

When the indoor load raises, for instance, two compressors are essential to set into operation, the air provide will automatically improve to match the cooling capability.

— Solution Functions —


— The Instructions of Air Supply & Air Inlet —


Numerous optional air source strategies, so that Withair Rooftop air conditioner can adapt to a variety of creating circumstances.

No matter whether indoor or out of doors, regardless of whether the roof or the ground, it can be a very good design layout.


— Rapid Solution CZPTization Services —


CZPTer’s personalized demand for Rooftop Unit  is the design concept of Withair. our each Rooftop Unit can be CZPT according

to the customer’s special requirements.Our engineers will quickly design each personalized roof machine, including the structure, function

and control can be CZPT.


Up To a hundred% Refreshing Air DC Inverter Rooftop Device (one)

Model  W05R1-   10RFI 14RFI 18RFI 21RFI 25RFI 32RFI 43RFI 50RFI 65RFI 77RFI 88RFI 106RFI
Cooling Capacity kW 10.6 thirteen.nine seventeen.eight 21. 25.2 32. 43. 50. 63.5 76.nine 106.
Ton three. 4. 5.1 6. 7.two 12.2 fourteen.two 21.9 twenty five.2 30.1
Enter electrical power kW 3.ten four.03 5.29 5.98 seven.37 nine.19 12.eleven 14.fifty eighteen.39 21.ninety six 25.32 31.29
EER W/W 3.42 three.forty five three.36 3.51 three.42 3.48 three.fifty five three.45 three.forty five 3.fifty three.50 3.39
Heating Ability kW 11.8 15.four 19.8 23.three 28. 35.5 47.7 55.5 70.five eighty five.4 98.five 117.7
Ton three.three 4.4 five.6 6.6 8. 13.6 fifteen.8 20. 24.3 28. 33.5
Input energy kW 3.two 4.two five.5 six.2 nine.six 12.six fifteen.1 22.eight 26.three 32.five
COP W/W three.6 3.6 3.7 three.six three.7 3.8 3.7 three.7 3.6
Air source (New air) mthree/h 800 1,000 one,250 one,400 1,800 2,two hundred 3,000 three,500 four,two hundred 5,200 5,900 7,200
Exterior static pressure Pa two hundred two hundred two hundred 200 220 220 250 250 250 270 three hundred 300
Maximum running   recent A sixteen 20 25 twenty five 32 50 sixty eighty one hundred a hundred one hundred twenty five 160
Potential manage   Steady
Temperature manage   Microcomputer thermostat
Compressor   DC Inverter Hermetic high   effectiveness scroll compressor
Refrigerant    R410A
Energy supply   380-415V/3P/50Hz   (380V/460V/3P/60Hz and 208V/one(3)Ph/60Hz as an option)
Security products   Higher   strain protector, minimal pressure protector, compressor overheating   safety, fusible plug,
     reverse-phase protection, exhaust   overheat protection, compressor overcurrent security, supporter overcurrent safety,   and so on
Filter   Dismountable and compliant   with the ASHEAE52-seventy six specifications, dust intercept fee >95%
Heat exchanger variety   High efficiency finned   copper pipe heat exchanger
Fuel-gas   heater    Optional areas,  standard units are not configured
Air exhauster   Optional parts,  normal models are not configured
Economizer   Optional parts,  normal models are not configured
Warmth recovery   Optional components,  standard models are not configured
Noise level dB(A) 52 54 54 fifty six 58 60 61 63 sixty four 65 67 sixty eight
Air outlet dimensions mm 262*300 225*860 225*860 225*860 341*395 341*395 341*395 479*489 404*471 404*471 478*557 478*557
Dimension Length mm one,104 1,054 one,180 1,104 1,675 one,675 one,970 2,225 2,225 two,225 two,790 two,790
Width mm 871 803 920 960 one,395 1,395 one,555 one,635 1,860 1,860 one,860 one,860
Peak mm one,034 one,183 1,183 1,183 1,465 1,465 one,950 one,950 2,a hundred and fifty 2,one hundred fifty two,a hundred and fifty 2,150
Excess weight Web kg 172 190 220 235 443 560 662 800 851 986 1,a hundred twenty five one,233
Gross kg 196 218 255 271 475 612 723 872 933 one,085 one,310 1,428


1. Cooling situation: indoor air inlet dry bulb temperature 27ºC, soaked bulb temperature 19ºC, outside air inlet dry bulb temperature 35ºC. 

2. Heating condition: indoor air inlet dry bulb temperature 20ºC, out of doors air inlet dry bulb temperature 7ºC, wet bulb temperature 6ºC.

3. Constant temperature and humidity variety,  100% new air and partial refreshing air, heat restoration and cooling only product are for your selection. 

four. All requirements are subject to change CZPT prior recognize, you should refer to nameplates for the most exact specs


DC Inverter Rooftop Unit with 100%New Air (2)

Model  W05R1-   139RFI 176RFI 186RFI 203RFI
Cooling Capability kW 139. 176.3 186.5 203.four
Ton 39.5 53. fifty seven.eight
Enter energy kW 40.eighty fifty.90 fifty four.sixty 60.50
EER W/W three.forty one 3.46 three.42 3.36
Heating Capability kW one hundred fifty 197.four 208.eight 227.8
Ton 44.three fifty 59.4 sixty four.eight
Enter energy kW forty two.four fifty two.9 56.8 sixty two.9
COP W/W 3.7 3.7 3.six
Air source (Clean air) m3/h 9,two hundred eleven,five hundred 12,three hundred fourteen,000
Exterior static strain Pa 320 350 350 four hundred
Maximum working current A two hundred 250 250 three hundred
Ability management   Steady
Temperature management   Microcomputer   thermostat
Compressor   DC   Inverter Hermetic substantial effectiveness scroll compressor
Refrigerant    R410A
Electrical power offer   380-415V/3P/50Hz   (380V/3P/60Hz and 208V/one(three)Ph/60Hz as an choice)
Protection products   Large   pressure protector, lower force protector, compressor overheating   protection, fusible plug, reverse-period safety, exhaust overheat   security, compressor overcurrent safety, admirer overcurrent security,   and many others
Filter   Dismountable   & compliant with the ASHEAE52-76 requirements, dust intercept price >95%
Heat exchanger kind   Substantial   efficiency finned copper pipe warmth exchanger
Fuel-gasoline   heater    Optional   elements,  regular models are not   configured
Air exhauster   Optional   elements,  regular models are not   configured
Economizer   Optional   parts,  common models are not   configured
Warmth recovery   Optional   elements,  standard units are not   configured
Sound level dB(A) seventy four 76 seventy seven 79
Air outlet size mm 638*638 638*638 1600*800 1600*800
Dimension Length mm four,000 four,000 four,500 4,500
Width mm two,300 two,300 two,three hundred two,300
Height mm two,120 two,120 two,one hundred twenty 2,120
Bodyweight Web kg one,900 two,190 two,270 two,650
Gross kg 2,350 2,660 2,710 3,one hundred thirty five



1. Cooling problem: indoor air inlet dry bulb temperature 27ºC, moist bulb temperature 19ºC, out of doors air inlet dry bulb temperature 35ºC. 

two. Heating situation: indoor air inlet dry bulb temperature 20ºC, outside air inlet dry bulb temperature 7ºC, damp bulb temperature 6ºC.

three. Constant temperature and humidity variety,  100% refreshing air and partial new air, warmth restoration and cooling only product are for your selection. 

4. All requirements are matter to adjust CZPT prior recognize, please refer to nameplates for the most exact requirements

Rooftop Packaged Unit with Ec Fan Motor