China supplier 800c Phlogopite Mica Plates for Insulation vacuum pump connector

Product Description

Mica sheets,muscovite plate

The mica board is a plate-shaped insulating material made of high-quality white mica paper, phlogopite paper, and synthetic mica paper, bonded with organic silicon, baked and pressed. The products mainly include rigid mica board for electric heating equipment and soft mica board for electric heating equipment.
 Product features
 1.Excellent high temperature insulation performance, the highest temperature is over 1000 degrees;
 2.Excellent electrical insulation performance, withstand voltage breakdown index up to 20KV / MM;
  3.Excellent bending strength and processing performance, high bending strength, and excellent toughness. Punching and drilling into various shapes of gaskets and punches;
   4.Excellent environmental protection performance. This product does not contain asbestos, and when it is heated, it emits little smoke and little odor, and even smokeless and tasteless.
       Used in industrial electric furnaces, copiers, hair dryers, electric irons, and other electric heating equipment.


Item name Muscovite hard plate Phlogopite hard plate Muscovite flexible Board Phlogopite flexible Board
Adhesion agent organic siliconresin organic siliconresin organic siliconresin organic siliconresin
Mica Content ≥90% ≥90% ≥90% ≥90%
Glue content ≤10% ≤10% ≤10% ≤10%
Density g/cm 3 1.6-2.2 1.6-2.2 1.6-2.2 1.6-2.2
Bending strength (kgf/m2) ≥18 ≥16    /    /
breakdown voltage (kv/mm)   >18 >15 >15
High temperature insulation resistance Ω 200-600 200-600 / /
Working temperature C 500C 800C 500C 800C

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Application: Insulators, Electrical Winding Insulation, Winding Wire Coating Insulation, Electrical Base, Shell, Motor, Insulating Varnish, Switch Baseplate
Type: Insulation Sheet
Chemistry: Inorganic Insulation
Material: Mica
Thermal Rating: HP
Maximum Voltage: 10KV~20KV


motor base

Where can individuals find reliable information about choosing and installing motor base plates?

When it comes to choosing and installing motor base plates, individuals can find reliable information from various sources. Here are some places where individuals can gather information to make informed decisions:

1. Manufacturer’s Documentation:

One of the primary sources of reliable information is the documentation provided by motor and motor base plate manufacturers. Manufacturers typically provide detailed product specifications, installation guidelines, and technical datasheets that contain valuable information about the selection, installation, and operation of motor base plates. These documents offer insights into the specific requirements, recommended practices, and considerations for choosing and installing motor base plates from the manufacturer’s perspective.

2. Industry Standards and Guidelines:

Industry standards and guidelines established by organizations such as the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) can serve as reliable resources. These standards outline best practices, safety requirements, and performance criteria for motor and motor base plate selection and installation. Consulting relevant industry standards can provide individuals with comprehensive information and ensure compliance with industry norms.

3. Technical Publications and Journals:

Technical publications and journals focused on motor systems, electrical engineering, and industrial automation often include articles, case studies, and research papers that discuss motor base plate selection and installation. These publications are valuable resources for individuals seeking in-depth knowledge and insights from experts in the field. Examples of such publications include the IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, the Journal of Electrical Engineering, and the Industrial Electronics Society’s Conference Publications.

4. Online Resources and Forums:

The internet offers a wealth of information through websites, forums, and online communities dedicated to motors, motor systems, and related topics. Websites of motor manufacturers, industry associations, and engineering organizations often provide resources, FAQs, and technical articles on motor base plate selection and installation. Online forums and communities allow individuals to seek advice, share experiences, and learn from the collective knowledge of professionals and enthusiasts in the field.

5. Consultation with Experts:

For complex or specialized applications, consulting with experts in the field, such as electrical engineers, motor system integrators, or consultants, can provide personalized guidance and recommendations. These experts can assess specific requirements, offer insights into motor base plate selection, and provide guidance on proper installation techniques based on their experience and expertise.

It’s important to cross-reference information from multiple sources to ensure accuracy and reliability. Motor base plate selection and installation can vary depending on factors such as motor type, application requirements, environmental conditions, and specific system constraints. Considering a range of reliable information sources can help individuals make well-informed decisions and ensure proper installation of motor base plates.

In summary, individuals can find reliable information about choosing and installing motor base plates from manufacturer documentation, industry standards and guidelines, technical publications and journals, online resources and forums, and through consultation with experts. By leveraging these resources, individuals can gather the necessary knowledge and guidance to make informed decisions and ensure successful motor base plate selection and installation for their specific applications.

motor base

Are there standard dimensions for motor base plates, or are they customizable?

Motor base plates can have both standard dimensions and customizable options, depending on the specific requirements of the motor and its intended application.

Many motor manufacturers provide standard base plates that are designed to accommodate their specific motor models. These standard base plates typically have predetermined dimensions and hole patterns that align with the motor’s mounting configuration. The dimensions of these base plates are often based on industry standards and guidelines, such as those provided by organizations like the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).

Standard base plates are convenient and readily available, making motor installation easier and more efficient. They ensure compatibility between the motor and the base plate, which is important for proper alignment and support.

However, there are also instances where custom motor base plates are required. Customization may be necessary when dealing with unique motor designs, non-standard mounting arrangements, or specific installation constraints. In such cases, motor base plates can be fabricated or modified to meet the specific dimensional and mounting requirements of the motor.

Customizable base plates offer flexibility in adapting to different motor sizes, configurations, and installation conditions. They can be tailored to accommodate variations in motor footprints, shaft heights, and bolt hole patterns. This allows for precise alignment and secure mounting of the motor.

It’s important to note that even when using standard base plates, there may still be some degree of customization required, such as drilling additional holes or making minor modifications to fit the specific installation. This ensures proper alignment and secure attachment of the motor to the base plate.

In summary, motor base plates can have both standard dimensions and customizable options. Standard base plates are widely available and designed to fit specific motor models, while custom base plates offer flexibility to accommodate unique motor requirements or installation constraints.

motor base

Can motor base plates be used for both horizontal and vertical motor installations?

Motor base plates are typically designed and manufactured to be used for specific motor installations, either horizontal or vertical. The orientation of the motor base plate depends on the intended installation position of the motor.

Horizontal motor installations involve mounting the motor in a horizontal position, with the shaft parallel to the ground. In this case, the motor base plate is designed to support the weight of the motor and provide a stable platform for mounting it horizontally. The motor base plate may have specific features such as mounting holes and slots that are oriented for horizontal installation.

Vertical motor installations, on the other hand, involve mounting the motor in a vertical position, with the shaft perpendicular to the ground. This type of installation is commonly used in applications such as pumps and compressors. The motor base plate for vertical installations is designed to provide proper support and alignment for the motor in a vertical orientation. It may have features such as additional bracing or reinforcement to ensure stability.

Due to the different requirements and orientations of horizontal and vertical motor installations, it is generally not recommended to use the same motor base plate for both types of installations. Using a base plate intended for horizontal installation in a vertical orientation, or vice versa, may compromise the stability, alignment, and overall performance of the motor.

Therefore, it is important to carefully select the appropriate motor base plate based on the specific installation requirements and orientation of the motor. This ensures proper support, alignment, and safe operation of the motor in either a horizontal or vertical position.

China supplier 800c Phlogopite Mica Plates for Insulation   vacuum pump connector	China supplier 800c Phlogopite Mica Plates for Insulation   vacuum pump connector
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