Water Custom proof Electrical I price nsulation Muscovite Mica Plates for Machine

Product Description

Products Description
Mica board is a plate-shaped insulating material made of high-quality white mica paper, phlogopite paper, and synthetic mica paper, bonded with organic silicon, baked and pressed. The products mainly include rigid mica board for electric heating equipment and soft mica board for electric heating equipment. Hard Mica Plate(H1 and H2) is a kind of hard lamination material constructed of muscovite or phlogopite mica paper with silicon resin, With excellent thermal resistance, good flame resistance, high dielectric strength, excellent physical strength, and little smoke by heating. It is widely used in the industries of household electric appliances (clothes irons, hair dryers, toaster, kettles, cooking appliances, microwave ovens, air heaters), metallurgy (frequency furnace, intermediate frequency furnace, arc furnace), medical appliances, etc.

1. Excellent high temperature insulation performance, the highest temperature is over 1000 degrees;
2. Excellent electrical insulation performance, withstand voltage breakdown index up to 20KV / MM;
3. Excellent bending strength and processing performance, high bending strength, and excellent toughness. Punching and drilling into CZPT shapes of gaskets and punches;
4. Excellent environmental protection performance. This product does not contain asbestos, and when it is heated, it emits little smoke and little odor, and even smokeless and tasteless.


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HangZhou CZPT gao Insulation CZPT Co.,ltd. was established in 2000. It’s located in NO.72, Sangyuan village, Zhenglu town, HangZhou,ZheJiang , CZPT . CZPT gao is one of fiberglass products manufacturers in research,development,production and sales.We mainly supply composite products, such as Fiberglass Cloth, Carbon Fiber Fabric, CZPT Bag, Prepreg and so on. These products are widely applied to electric CZPT , petrochemical, railway, construction, aviation, automotive and so on. Our company has acquired many certifications,such as ISO9001, SGS, ROHS. Products are exported to more than 20 countries and areas like CZPT pe, CZPT ican, CZPT Asia and so on.Our company always believes in the purpose of value CZPT for CZPT ers chances CZPT for employees, benefits CZPT for partners “, insists the company spirit of “teamwork, innovation, sincerity, win-win “.To satisfy CZPT CZPT ers is CZPT eternal pursuit. Welcome your cooperation!