Thermal I Custom nsulated G factory po-3 Laminated Plate

Product Description

Thermal insulated GPO-3 plate with favorable mechanical strength on sales

Gpo-3 Unsaturated CZPT ester Material Thermal Insulation Sheet
UPGM203 CZPT Fiber GPO3 Insulation Sheet

Production Decription

♦GPO3 is make of unsaturated polyester resin and glass fiber mat

♦Good electrical performance mechanical performance under high humidity and moderate temperature

♦High temperature resistance,can work continuosly at 200 degrees

♦Have U/L shape,rod and tube can CZPT ized according to your drawing


Items Values
Density 2 g/cm3
Thickness from 1mm  to 100mm
Color Red, White
Flame retardant grade 94V0
Working Temperature 180C~200C
Size 1250*2000mm  1250*2500mm
Custom-Service can CNC machine according to your drawing

CNC Machining GPO3 Parts
♦ We can milling,drilling holes,sanding and cutting to meet clients demand

♦High arc resistance and leakage resistance,flame retardant

♦Can be used electric cabinet and enclosure,busbar insulator,electrical insulator

♦ Injection machine, motor, pcb,ICT fixture, table grinding pad

Our CZPT s Comment

Our Stock
♦ We have adequate stock,short your time cost,fast shipping

♦ We have 2 factories
One is in HangZhou City,which is CZPT  insulation board production center
We are in HangZhou City,there is processing and sales

Company Information

♦ We are manufacturer,since 2006 more than 10 years experience in the CZPT ctronic Accessories&Components industry.

♦ Meet clients different demand,we have many kinds of insulation sheet
Such as FR4 G10 Sheet,Bakelite Sheet,GPO3 Sheet,Engineering Plastic POM,Acrylic and so on

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