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Dua near me l Motor Ultrathin Exercise Machine Vibration Plate Custom Crazy Fit Massage

Product Description

  1. Power two motor: 200W .
  2. Speed range:1-99LEVELS.
  3. Max user weight:150KG.
  4. Readout:time,speed.
  5. Amplitude:0-7mm.
  6. External Design:fashionable,foot plate with cozy and humanized design.
  7. Design of mechanical structure:
  • One motor 200W
  • Movement to the left or right
  • Rubber mat
  • With remote controller
  • With exercise rope


      9.Normal Colour:Red,white,pink,black,silver,gold,orange,blue.



     12.packing size:83.5X52.5X19cm.



  • 20’GP:345PCS .
  • 40’GP:690PCS .
  • 40’HQ:809PCS.

Dual Custom Motor Full Body Fitness Exercise Machine Vi near me shop bration Plate Crazy Fit Massage

Product Description

  1. Powertwo motor:300W+250W  Brand new arc movement mode.
  2. Speed range:1-60levels or 1-99levels.
  3. Max user weight:150KG.
  4. Readout:time,speed,mode.
  5. Amplitude:0-12mm.
  6. External Design:fashionable,foot plate with cozy and humanized design.
  7. Design of mechanical structure:
  • The best 152 ° degree arc design vibrate to every inch of the body.                                
  • We offer three different ways of exercising.Oscillation mode,Horizontal movenment,3D motion.
  • With remote controller.
  • With exercise rope. 
  • 4.9inch LCD intelligent operation panel.
  • With shiny light during movement.           
  • Can choose with handle.

      8.Base:ABS+Silica gel.

      9.Normal Colour:white\black.



     12.packing size:84X45X21cm.



  • 20’GP:310PCS .
  • 40’GP:620PCS .
  • 40’HQ:730PCS.

Best Body Osci Custom llating Dual Motor Exercise Machine Vibration Plate Crazy Fi price t Massage

Product Description

  1. Powertwo motor:300W+250W .
  2. Speed range:1-60levels or 1-99levels.
  3. Max user weight:150KG.
  4. Readout:time,speed,mode,cal.
  5. Amplitude:0-7mm.
  6. External Design:fashionable,foot plate with cozy and humanized design.
  7. Design of mechanical structure:
  • Two motor 300W+250W. 
  • We offer three different ways of exercising.Oscillation mode,Horizontal movenment,3D motion.
  •  With remote controller.
  • With exercise rope.
  • Big LCD Display.
  • You can choose music to play.

      8.Base:ABS+Silica gel.

      9.Normal Colour:Red,white,pink,black,silver,gold,orange,blue.



     12.packing size:83.5X52.5X21cm.



  • 20’GP:320PCS .
  • 40’GP:640PCS .
  • 40’HQ:760PCS.

Liftin Custom g Chain Plate Conveyo near me r of Gypsum Board Machine

Product Description

Lifting chain plate conveyor

Technical parameters (regular type):
1. The running speed of chain conveyor is 30m/min.
2. The motor CZPT of chain conveyor is 3KW.
3. The size of hydraulic lift table is 3650mm*1200mm
4. The working stroke of hydraulic lifting platform is 1190mm.
5. The rise time of hydraulic lifting platform is not more than 5S.
6. The load of hydraulic lifting platform (the lowest point) is 5.5T.
7. Dimensions: 3800mm*1650mm*1000mm (minimum point size).
8. CZPT of hydraulic pump station: 3KW.

1. The equipment is easy to operate and of high work efficiency.
2. It is suitable for conveying and stacking of CZPT boards production lines.
3. The production line equipped with this stacking equipment is easier to seamlessly connect with automatic board packaging line, to save labor, time and effort.

About DCI:
HangZhou Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. CZPT ry&Equipment Co., Ltd has three workshops: machining workshop and casting workshop and electrical workshop. These three workshops mainly complete the manufacture and fabrication of machines and electrical control for production lines. In 2008, CZPT company passed ISO9001 quality system certification. Our company has CZPT complete professional team specialized in design, manufacturing, supply, installation and commissioning, and we can accomplish the matched electrical control system by CZPT selves. Moreover, CZPT company owns CZPT share-controlled processing base.
Project Scenes:


Thermal Laser CTP Machine to O best utput Printing Plat Custom e

Product Description

1. Proven 830nm laser diode technology with automated imaging design
McLantis CTP ensures very clear and sharp DOT and high run length. Day light operation. Failure of any channel of laser diode will not stop the CTP. The CTP can use the remaining channels to work. Therefore, McLantis CTP ensures continuous production and maintenance convenience.

2. CZPT autofocus
The performance of the platesetter is mostly decided by precise focus control. Plate output quality is derived from the consistent laser spot precision. McLantis CTP utilizes the third generation dynamic focusing technology. The precise distance measuring system can detect the subtle change in distance of 0.1 microns. CZPT n by the voice coil motor, McLantis CTP can track the changes in the plate surface to adjust the CZPT itudinal position of the lens, to ensure a constant distance between the lens. McLantis dynamic autofocus can also avoid the fine dust from the surface of the photosensitive drum caused by blue spots, blue halo problem. Each spot is exposed in the best focal length exposure to ensure the consistent, clear and sharp DOT.

3. CZPT DOT control technology
McLantis unique graphical calibration technology can perfectly reproduce rectangle, eliminating dimensional deviation caused by different plate thickness. McLantis CTP can make precise compensation for DOT gain problem caused by the laser spot size. McLantis CTP can perfect perform 1% to 99% step. One single McLantis CTP plate registration accuracy is 5 microns. It can reach 15 microns after calibrating with two different McLantis CTP’s.

4. External drum exposure
McLantis CTP utilizes DDS technology to ensure the phase jittering frequency within 1/32 pixel, to ensure straight and smooth vertical and horizontal line. McLantis drum system balance block can automatically adjust to the new location up to only 5 CZPT s to adjust, to switch instantaneously for CZPT sizes of plates. In addition, McLantis CTP utilizes the printing press type to curve and clamp the plate, exposes consistent high quality dots.

5. CZPT matic energy balance
The temperature control system inside the laser constant shielding box can automatically precise temperature to plus or minus 0.1 degrees. And at a precise temperature condition, light intensity can be automatically calibrated every 8 hours to ensure the consistence of the laser energy.

6. CZPT quality core components
McLantis CTP is incorporated with the world’s top brand laser diode and top grade AO grade roller screw and ball rails. CZPT ceramic surface of the external drum with swing beat less than 8 microns, never worn. CZPT ly reliability of the plate clamp system with two hundred thousand times more fatigue testing and more than 4 million hours record of CZPT -plate-flying.
High performance dedusting system can gather the dust during plate outputing and collected in the dust filter bag, not directly emitted into the air.

7. Easy to operate
McLantis CTP platesetter is dedicated to any CTP workflow with perfect seamless connectivity.


328T 488T 648T
Light Channels 32beams 48beams 64beams
Output CZPT (Plate/hour) 16p/h 22p/h 29p/h
for 1030x800mm 2,540dpi
21p/h 31p/h 35p/h
for 745x605mm 2,540dpi
Light Source 830 nm CZPT Diode
Repeatability ±5 microns
Interface 1000 base-T
Output Resolution 2540 dpi(commercial printing)
1200 dpi (newspaper printing)
3657dpi, 4800dpi is optional
Dot Reproduction 1%-99%
Register Accuracy within 0.01mm
Plate Size Max.1160x940mm
Suitable Plates thermal CTP plate
Plate Thickness 0.15-0.40mm
Plate Loading and Unloading Loading: Semi-automation(Standard Set)
Unloading: CZPT mation
Vacuum Fixation
Plate Balance Automatic Balance
Environment Temperature 25±3
Humidity 40-70%(Non-condensing)
Machine Dimension 2571 x 1000 x 930 mm(W*D*H)
Net CZPT ght 1500kg
Power CZPT 5.5 KW/220V±5%, 50/60Hz
Optional vertical plate auto loader

Th-1200nc CNC Duplex Milling Machine Cnd Twin-Head Milling Machine F near me shop ace Milling Ma Custom chine Plate Milling

Product Description


Cutting lengh x Width of workpiece 150~1200mm Max thickness of workpiece 240mm(OP290mm)
Max cutting capacity 2×2.0mm Table size 800x800mm
Max loading weight 4000KG X/Y/Z Axis traver 525/525/1800mm
X/Y/Z Axis rapid feed speed  8000mm/min Cutter diameter 250mm(OP300mm)
Spindle speed 50~500rpm Shape of spindle end Φ47.625mm
Spindle servo motor 2x15KW X/Y/Z Axis servo motor 2.5/2.5/3KW
Machine weight 14000KG Space 5.0mx5.0m

CNC Duplex Milling machine is a machine that specialize in square metal, plastic & plate high speed and high accuracry milling equipment.
1)High-speed 2F/4F milling.
2) Mass production efficiency.
3)One setting, machine fully automatic till the workpiece milling completely.
4)High precision of pieces measurment with cleaned surface. ≤Ra3.2um.
5)Environmental Dry and safty.

Design Concept & Function:
1)Full cover box design, make your workpace clean and safe.
2)The opposite axis X&Y at the same level and same speed, surface A=C B=D, getting the accuracy up.
3)Leading in Japan CZPT or Fanuc system servo motor, don’t worried about the break.
4)Reference tolerance ±0.01/300mm
5)Vertical oil clamping structure, stability milling.


 1. What is your minimum order quantity and warranty?
     MOQ is one set, and warranty is one year.
2.What CNC system do you use?
    FANUC, CZPT , MISTSUBISHI etc. It depends on your choice.
3.When is the delivery time?
    Conventional CZPT s,We will delivery then within 30-45 working days after received your 
     deposit,if some  special machines will be some CZPT er.we will give you the answer accordingly.
4. What is the package of the machines?
    Packing:  PE bag cover inside+ Plywood box + Steel beam frame.
5.How can I choose the most suitable machines ?
   Please let us know your machining demand or machine size ,we can choose the best model   
   for you , or you can choose the exact model by yourself. You can also send us the products   
   drawing ,we will choose the most suitable machines for you .
6. What is your trade terms?
     FOB, CFR,CIF or others terms are all acceptable.
7. What is your payment terms ?
    Payment Terms :  T/T 30% CZPT ,  70% before shipment.

Products & Concept

Company Profile

We are the manufacturer to produce the high-end CNC machine in CZPT , who focusing on developing and supplying the high efficiency, high accuracy, and high quality of CNC Duplex Milling CZPT Exchange-Pallet Vertical CNC Milling CZPT ,CNC Gantry Grinding CZPT ,5-Axis CZPT CZPT Gantry Machining Center CNC CZPT CZPT Saw CZPT and CNC Chamfering CZPT .

Our aspiration is to be flexible in implementing CZPT er requirements, guarantee the high reliability of the milling machine, ensure that spare parts are CZPT at short notice and facilitate the prompt availability of service engineers.

GooDa’s five factories in CZPT

Cooperative Partner

Maintenance & Service

The benefits of GOODA maintenance contract (After sales 3 years):

  • Basic requirement in a certified QS system
  • Guarantee for the accuracy of the measuring and test results
  • Calibration, maintenance and, if necessary, repair with just one visit
  • Fixed prices with a clear breakdown of costs
  • Preventive maintenance helps you avoid expensive faults and ensures a high level of quality that lasts

The maintenance contract includes:  

  • Travelling time and expenses for CZPT technician
  • Maintenance and calibration work
  • Small items required for carrying out the specified maintenance work
  • Calibration with a corresponding maintenance and test report, allowing the results to be used to demonstrate compliance with national standards

HangZhou GooDa CZPT ry CZPT Co., Ltd.
HEAD ADD: Head office: 216,Huanchang North Road, Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. Town, HangZhou City, ZheJiang Province.

Dual Motor Vibration Machine Vibration Plate Custom Crazy Fit Ma supplier ssage

Product Description


  • Power two motor: 300W+250W   220V
  • Speed range:1-60levels or   1-99levels.
  • Max user weight:180KG.
  • Readout:time,speed,mode.
  • Amplitude:0-12mm.
  • External Design:fashionable,foot   plate with cozy and humanized design.
  • Design of mechanical structure:
  • Two motor   300W+250W.
  • We offer three different ways of exercising.Oscillation mode,Horizontal movenment,3D motion.
  • There is a distinct functional zoning.walk-jog-run.
  • With remote controller.
  • With exercise rope.
  • You can choose music to play
  •   Packing:1pc/ctns.
  •  Dimensions:78X42X14.5CM
  •  packing size:83.5X54X22cm.
  •  N.W/G.W:19/21KGS.
  • Conveyance:
  • 20’GP:290PCS.

  • 40’GP:580PCS.

  • 40’HQ:690PCS.

    Base:ABS+Silica gel.
    Normal Colour:Red,white,pink,blue.

Cast Iron CNC Milling Machine Wo near me rk Plate Surface Custom Plate Working Table Surface Bed Plate

Product Description

Customer gives high praise and is willing to place more orders:

Product Name  large cast gray iron casting machine tool bed

Ferrous materials:cast iron, grey iron, ductile iron, austempered ductile iron , carbon steel,stainless steel, low alloy steel, high chromium/manganese steel

Non-ferrous: aluminum alloy, copper alloy,brass, bronze titanium alloy(being built)

 Process  Lost foam casting,Resin sand casting,Wood/Metal CZPT
 Equipment  Molding machine, lost foam casting production line, CNC machining center, general machine tools,CNC laser cutting machine,large-scale press machine
 Finish zinc phosphide, zinc plating, hot dip galvanized, e-coating, spray paint, black oxide coating ,anodized,passivation and others
Testing CZPT Spectrum analyzer, tension tester, hardness tester, three coordinates measuring instrument, caliper, micrometer, dial gauge, microscope, roughness tester, salt spray testing machine, ultrasonic flaw detector, X-ray detection machine, magnetic particle flaw detector, air tightness testing machine, thickness gauge
Product Application CNC lathe/milling machine 
Other main casting products  Auto parts,large mining equipment accessories, CZPT machinery parts, valve parts, large diameter pipe fittings, , agricultural machinery parts,construction machinery, CZPT ,body case etc.
  • High precision of casting geometry, stable casting internal structure;
  • No flash, burr and cold separation, uniform and consistent, less casting defects such as sand hole, air hole, shrinkage and loose;
  • High surface finish, less machining allowance and polishing, no casting defects and waste caused by parting and core-making;
  • The molding sand can be reused completely, eliminating the molding sand preparation process and waste sand treatment process;
  • Easy to mechanized and automatic flow production, with high elasticity, and can realize flow production of different alloys and castings of different sizes and shapes on one production line. Factory design is simplified and production cost is reduced.

Superior casting products come from excellent equipments and precision detection.


1.1 We are a manufacturer established in 2000 year in Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. District,HangZhou City

1.2. A total area of more than 500,000 square kilometers and the building area of 300,000 square kilometers with 5 factories included.

1.3 Our main products are casting products,like vehicle mold,machine tool bed ,gear box,worm-gear case,valve body,compressor housing, etc, CZPT accessories, stamping parts, truck cabin,truck body etc.


Our company has a full chain production capacity of molding, stamping, welding, assembling and coating. The total asset reaches 1.35 billion yuan.

2.1 Large-scale press/stamping equipments with great tonnage span 160T-2400T, also with small punching machine for small stamping parts.

2.2 ROBOT welding and binding line

2.3 5 center JAPANESE OKUMA CNC machining centers

2.4 Electrophoresis and painting line

2.5 2 tons & 10 tons electric furnace

2.6 Waste collection and dust removal system


Our technology center was awarded as City-level CZPT nology Center.

3.1 A professional technical team of 40 engineers

3.2 More than 100 domestic patents

3.3 Advanced programming software CZPT CAD,CAM,CAE,CIMATEON,UG etc3.4 Superior CZPT equipments and facilities for detection,like Three coordinate measuring instrument ,Spectral analysis,Computer carbon and sulfer analyzer,tryout presses etc.


4.1 ISO9001-2008:    CZPT quality management system certification 

4.2 ISO/TS16949:2009:   Quality management system certification 

4.3 ISO14001:   Environmental management system certification 

4.4 OHSAS18001:  Occupational health management system

4.5 CCC: CZPT Compulsion Certification(3C)

4.6 AAA corporate credit rating


Our products have been exported to CZPT ica,India, Africa and other countries and regions. and provide CZPT service for domestic CZPT ers,such as 

FAW Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. CZPT mobile,  

FAW Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. HangZhou CZPT mobile,

SAIC General CZPT s Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.yue CZPT mobile

HangZhou CZPT mobile,

BAIC CZPT and ZheJiang CZPT z CZPT mobile,

and other well-known factories in CZPT .


Aluminum Base Plate Motor S Custom hell Brake D near me shop rum CNC Milling Machine Parts

Product Description

Product Type CNC Machining Parts
Material Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, CZPT Steel, Plastic etc.
Thickness  Customized
Width           Customized
Unit Piece
Process Drilling,Wire-cutting,Milling,Turning, Turning-Milling etc.
Shipping Sea, Air, Express, DHL / EMS
MOQ 10pcs
Package Carton or CZPT Box
Standard CE, DIN, EN, ASTM etc.
Capacity Up to 10 Tons

Water Custom proof Electrical I price nsulation Muscovite Mica Plates for Machine

Product Description

Products Description
Mica board is a plate-shaped insulating material made of high-quality white mica paper, phlogopite paper, and synthetic mica paper, bonded with organic silicon, baked and pressed. The products mainly include rigid mica board for electric heating equipment and soft mica board for electric heating equipment. Hard Mica Plate(H1 and H2) is a kind of hard lamination material constructed of muscovite or phlogopite mica paper with silicon resin, With excellent thermal resistance, good flame resistance, high dielectric strength, excellent physical strength, and little smoke by heating. It is widely used in the industries of household electric appliances (clothes irons, hair dryers, toaster, kettles, cooking appliances, microwave ovens, air heaters), metallurgy (frequency furnace, intermediate frequency furnace, arc furnace), medical appliances, etc.

1. Excellent high temperature insulation performance, the highest temperature is over 1000 degrees;
2. Excellent electrical insulation performance, withstand voltage breakdown index up to 20KV / MM;
3. Excellent bending strength and processing performance, high bending strength, and excellent toughness. Punching and drilling into CZPT shapes of gaskets and punches;
4. Excellent environmental protection performance. This product does not contain asbestos, and when it is heated, it emits little smoke and little odor, and even smokeless and tasteless.


Company Profile
HangZhou CZPT gao Insulation CZPT Co.,ltd. was established in 2000. It’s located in NO.72, Sangyuan village, Zhenglu town, HangZhou,ZheJiang , CZPT . CZPT gao is one of fiberglass products manufacturers in research,development,production and sales.We mainly supply composite products, such as Fiberglass Cloth, Carbon Fiber Fabric, CZPT Bag, Prepreg and so on. These products are widely applied to electric CZPT , petrochemical, railway, construction, aviation, automotive and so on. Our company has acquired many certifications,such as ISO9001, SGS, ROHS. Products are exported to more than 20 countries and areas like CZPT pe, CZPT ican, CZPT Asia and so on.Our company always believes in the purpose of value CZPT for CZPT ers chances CZPT for employees, benefits CZPT for partners “, insists the company spirit of “teamwork, innovation, sincerity, win-win “.To satisfy CZPT CZPT ers is CZPT eternal pursuit. Welcome your cooperation!