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Product Presentation
-MSP heavy duty sump pumps are vertical, shaft driven centrifugal slurry pumps designed for transferring abraisive and high density slurries from sumps, pits and other submersible sources.

-Models are CZPT in sizes ranging from 40mm to 250mm discharge and are capable of flow rates from 5 to 350 litres per CZPT (79-5540 USGPM) at heads of up to 40 metres (130ft). The heavy duty design of the MSP pumps allows the passage of large particles with a diameter of up to 50mm.

-Pumps will continue to operate even when the top inlet is not submerged, allowing the liquid level to to be lowered to the bottom of the sump or pit. Suction extension pipes of up to 2metres in length can be added to the bottom inlet of the pump to extend the pumping depth.

-Designed as a fixed installation the MSP provides reliable pumping performance with minimal maintenance requirements and simple servicing.

The standard MSP pumps feature a cantilevered shaft which is up to 2400mm CZPT . The cantilevered shaft means that there is no shaft sealing requirement and the drive end bearings do not come into contact with any pumped product. This reduces the risk of bearing failure and extends the wear life of the pumps.

Wet end components are manufactured from high quality 27% chrome white iron or rubber coated steel for exceptional wear resistance and service life with minimal corrosion. The heavy duty design can pump high density and abraisive slurries and the large passages of the impeller allows the transfer of large particles without blockages in a wide range of mining, processing and heavy industrial applications. Wet end stub shaft options are CZPT to suit severe duty applications.

Column and discharge pipes are CZPT in a range of materials to suit the requirements of operators. Standard options include mild steel and rubber lined mild steel. CZPT options are CZPT .

MSP pumps can be directly driven using electric motors or belt driven with either set speed or variable speed operation.

MSP pumps feature rubber or cast iron upper strainers and cast iron lower strainers to prevent blockages. The strainers are easily removed for servicing or replacement.

The extended shaft “L” model features column bearings and shaft seal which further extends the pumping depth and enables the transfer of slurries from deeper sumps and pits.


The MSP CZPT Duty Sump Pumps are capable of providing reliable and efficient performance for the transfer of abraisive and high density slurries from sumps, pits and tanks in a wide range of mining, processing and heavy industrial applications.

MSP/MSP(R) Sump Pump CZPT Water Performance Table
TYPE Allowable
Material Range of Performance Impeller  
Liner Impeller Capacity (Q) Head(H) Max.Eff
NO. of
Impeller Diameter
(m³/h) (L/s) (m)
40PV(L)-MSP 15 M M 19.44-43.2 5.4-12 4.5-28.5 40 1000-2200 5 188
40PV(L)-MSPR RU RU 17.28-39.6 4.8-11 4-26 40 1000-2200 5 188
65QV(L)-MSP 30 M M 23.4-111 6.5-30.8 5-29.5 50 700-1500 5 280
65QV(L)-MSPR RU RU 22.5-105 6.25-29.15 5.5-30.5 51 700-1500 5 280
100RV(L)-MSP 75 M M 54-289 15-80.3 5-35 56 500-1200 5 370
100RV(L)-MSPR RU RU 64.8-285 18-79.2 7.5-36 62 600-1200 5 370
150SV(L)-MSP 110 M M 108-479.16 30-133.1 8.5-40 52 500-1000 5 450
200SV(L)-MSP 110 M M 189-891 152.5-247.5 6.5-37 64 400-850 5 520
250TV(L)-MSP 200 M M 261-1089 72.5-302.5 7.5-33.5 60 400-750 5 575
300TV(L)-MSP 200 M M 288-1267 80-352 6.5-33 50 350-700 5 610

 Note: “M”: CZPT r-resistant Alloy. “RU”: CZPT


Description Standard Material Material Options
Shaft 4140 Mild Steel Available on Request
Bearing Housing Cast Iron  
Column Mild Steel  
Upper Strainer Rubber Cast Iron
Lower Strainer Cast Iron  
Back Liner 27% Chrome White Iron  
Pump Casing 27% Chrome White Iron Rubber Lined White Iron
Impeller 27% Chrome White Iron Rubber
Discharge Pipe Mild Steel Rubber Lined Mild Steel/ CZPT
Adaptor Plate Mild Steel  


A: What kind of company you are?
Q: HangZhou Depon Pump Company is professional manufacturer in pumps. After accumulation and development of many years, we have formed a complete system of pump design, selection, application, manufacture, marketing and maintenance. We have passed CE, SGS certificate. Our CZPT ers are at home and abroad. Hope to coorperate with the CZPT friends. 

Q: What’s your MOQ?
A: Trial sample order is OK.
Q: What are your payment terms?
A: T/T, L/C, D/P, D/A or as CZPT er required
Q: How about the warranty?
A: One year warranty for pumps, it depends on other pump working condition details.
Q: What is the delivery time?
A: 7-30 days according to CZPT er quantities.
Q: Can you do CZPT brand?
A: Yes, Welcome.
Q: What information should I offer to get pump solution?
1, Head:     m
2, Flow:    m3/h
3, CZPT Solid size:    mm
4, Particle shape (smooth or sharp):
5, Medium pH level:
6,Specific Gravity of the Medium:
7, Temperature:
8, CZPT type:
9. CZPT supply: CZPT ctric or Dlesel
10, Voltage and Frequency of the CZPT : 

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