Slip Ring Asynchronous Three Phase 1200kw AC Motor

Slip Ring Asynchronous Three Phase 1200kw AC Motor

Slip Ring Motor for steel re-rolling mills  medium voltage 3phase Output 280KW Rated speed 990r/min Cooling IC616 Body Size 400mm Foot mounting Horizontal 


CZPT description

YR sequence massive seize 6kV wound rotor a few-period asynchronous motor is a new sequence of products that our company introduces and digests the advanced engineering of WESTING-Residence Business and brings together a long time of motor producing encounter of our organization. It is the replacement solution of JR outdated collection.
YR sequence large dimension 10kV wound rotor 3-phase asynchronous motor is one more sequence of items cautiously built by our firm on the foundation of the effective advancement of medium-sized 6kV wound rotor 3-period asynchronous motor. This collection of motors can be immediately utilized in 10kV energy grid. When compared with the 6kV motor, it has the positive aspects of simplified products, reliable operation, expense preserving and strength usage reduction.

Framework specification
YR series motor’s rotor winding adopt copper conductors with the insulation materials whose insulation course is F. The welding among the windings, the lend-out copper conductors and windings all adopt silver-copper-welding to make sure the motor managing reliably.
YR series motor has the box-type development, which was manufactured up of steel plate welded with lightweight and excellent stiffness. On leading of the motor is the protecting go over, convenient to routine maintenance and substitute. The stator adopts the press building the winding with course F insulation and VPI impregnating, which make certain the dependable of the insulation, the mechanical anxiety and the able of resistant humidity. The generally safety class is IP23 IP54 motor can be equipped according to necessity.

The stator coil is buried with the temperature measuring ingredient, and the change of the coil temperature is observed. The specification of the temperature measuring part can be decided in accordance to user requirements.
If you require to incorporate a heater inside the motor, you need to specify it when buying.
The motor terminal cable is typically in the lower component of the motor, and the terminal cable can also be created in accordance to client demands and should be put in on the wall of the device base.

The Implication of the image
YR     710     one—— four

                                No.1 iron length
                                Centre height(mm)
                                Wound-rotor a few section asynchronous motor
YRKK Series

  • Body measurements: 355-1000                         
  • Rated output: 185-5000kW
  • Insulation class: F                              
  • Degree of defense: IP54 / IP55
  • Enclosure: IC611(Air-air heat exchanger)         
  • Rotor: wound-rotor with collector rings                    
  • Voltage: 6Kv, 10Kv                              
  • Mounting: Horizontal

This motor can be processed by the anticorrosion anti-mould-evidence approach to derive outdoor (W) and outside corrosion defense (WF) motors. Higher effectiveness, energy conserving, minimal vibration, tiny measurement, gentle fat, reliable functionality and simple installation and maintenance. The frame is created of metal plate becoming welded up into sort of square tank form with gentle bodyweight and organization rigidity. Stator is an outer-push-assembly construction. The stator winding is F quality insulation at the winding’s conclude portion getting firm banded. The whole stator and rotor has been treated with VPI engineering to make stator and rotor with insulation and moisture resistance. Silver brazing is employed among rotor coils and among copper strip and coils to ensure the reliability of motor procedure.

Perfect for driving all sorts of general machinery, this kind of as drinking water pump, admirer, compressor, crusher and and so forth.

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Slip Ring Asynchronous Three Phase 1200kw AC Motor