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Product Description


We’re specialized in CZPT -PARTS.
50000 pieces/year CZPT guaranteed and we offered good service,including the packing,shipping and material certificates all well equipped.
Price CZPT negotiated and deeper coopertation are great anticipated.
Thank you for your continuous support.

Company profile:

Founded in 2009, ZheJiang CZPT -max CZPT ry& EquipmentTechnologies Co., Ltd specializes in producing and supplying high quality mechanical components. CZPT -Max is located in HangZhou city where is complemented with well developed infrastructure and transportation system, providing the company with greater efficiency. All employees and managers in UNION-MAX share the value that endeavor, cooperation and innovation will guide us the way towards success; after years of diligent business practices focusing on quality.

Product Detail
Specification OEM production – according to CZPT er’s drawing or sample.
Casting weught 0.1-400KG
Casting standard ISO,DIN,AISI,ASTM,BS,JIS,EN,AS etc.
Casting tolerance CT7-CT8
surface roughness Ra0.05-Ra50.
Heat Treatment Normalizing,Annealing,Quenching,Tempering,etc.
Casting material high grade ductile iron(QT500-6)/(QT800-5)/(QT600-5),Grey iron,Stainless steel,Carbon steel
Casting process Sand casting Resin sand
Coated sand
Clay sand
Iron based coated sand
investment casting
lost foam casting
vacuum process casting
Finish sand blasting,zinc plating,H.D.Galvanizing,spray-paint,passivating,polishing,eletrophoresis,machining,etc.
dimension inspection CMM,projection machine,calipers,height gauge,micrometer caliers,inside caliper gauge,angle and r gauge,customized gauge,etc.
product application automobile,railway,construction,mining,agricultural machinery,mining machinery,petroleum machinery,engineering machinery,shipbuilding ,etc.
sample production cycle 45-50 working days

Factory overview

1.General information about Susun/Union CZPT


3.Laboratory equipment

4.Site/Facilities and environment

5.Products and final inspection