Hot Sale Insulation Mica Sheet Plate

Hot Sale Insulation Mica Sheet Plate

Mica Plate
Mica Plate is mica lamination designed for providing excellent electrical insulation at higher temperature, which consist of approximate ninety% Muscovite(or Phlogopite)and ten% temperature resistant silicone resin.
Superb thermal resistance, muscovite mica keep insulation properties at 500ºC and phlogopite mica sheet resistant temperature up to 750ºC.
Excellent electric insulation, typically the breakdown voltage is more than 15KV/mm.
Excellent flexural energy and simple to be punched and machined.
Environmental safe. It is incombustible, asbestos and halogene free and does not generate poisonous gases.
Thickness:.1mm .15mm .2mm-20mm
Size:a thousand*600mm 
Thickness beneath 2.0mm can be punched, while earlier mentioned 2.0mm can be machined by agreement.
No limitation underneath dry and area temperature.
By the mica paper, resin and houses, mica plates have subsequent kinds.

Product Code Kind Qualities
Mica paper YG-5660-H1/G1/S1/T1   YG -5660-H3/G3/S3 Muscovite Plate
Phlogopite Plate
Heat Resistant 500ºC
Warmth Resistant 700ºC
Hardness YG -5660-H/G/T
YG -5660-S1-S3
Rigid Plate
Versatile Plate
Surface YG -5660-H/T
YG -5660-G1/G3
Matt Plate
Glossy Plate
Area Rough
Surface area Glossy
Application YG -5660-H/G
YG -5660-T1/T3
Rigid Plate
Thick Plate
Thickness < 3mm
Thickness > 3mm

Rigid Mica Plate

YG-5660-H is a kind of rigid laminated material, created of muscovite or phologpite mica paper with silicon resin.
They are known by its outstanding thermal resistance, great flame resistance, large dielectric toughness, excellent physical toughness, and small smoke by heating.
The items have been extensively utilised in the industries of house electrical appliances (clothing irons, hair dryers, toaster, kettles, cooking appliances, microwave ovens, air heaters), metallurgy(frequency furnace, intermediate frequency furnace, arc furnace), health care appliances, and many others.
Adaptable Mica Plate

YG-5660-S is a type of flexible laminated material, it has outstanding dielectric, exceptional tensile energy and simple to sort at place temperature. They are often employed for hair dryers, curlers, electric irons, motors and so on.
Shiny Mica Plate
YG-5660-G series of Glossy Mica Plate are made from muscovite(or phlogopite) mica paper and substantial temperature resistant silicon resin, when compared with rigid mica plate, its area are really sleek, but homes have no various. YG-5660-G collection has two species: shiny muscovite mica plate(YG -5660-G1) and glossy phologpite mica plate(YG-5660-G3).
Thick Mica Plate

YG-5660-T sequence of Thick Mica Plate is rigid mica plate with thickness in excess of 3mm, it is mica lamination developed for supplying fantastic resistant to large voltage and high temperature. YG-5660-T series has two species: thick muscovite mica sheet(YG-5660-T1) and thick phlogopite mica sheet(YG-5660-T3).
Thick mica plate is utilised for cylindrical resistance heaters, thermal insulation in circuit breakers, chemical-engineering and electrical appliances, electric sterilized cabinet, and in metal or metallurgy industry for intermediate frequency furnace, arc furnace, and so forth.
Thick Mica Plate

Product Device YG-5660-T1 YG-5660-T3 Examination Method
Mica Paper   Muscovite Phlogopite  
Mica Material % >ca.88 >ca.88 IEC371-2
Bond Content % <ca.12 <ca.12 IEC371-two
Density g/cm3 2.1-2.forty five five IEC371-two
Heat Resistant Steady Companies ºC five hundred-550 seven hundred-750  
Intermittent Providers ºC 800 a thousand  
Drinking water Absorption % <1 <2 GB/T5019
Dielectric Power KV/mm >15 >15 IEC243
Insulation Resistance 23ºC Ω.cm ten^seventeen ten^17 IEC93
Insulation Resistance 500ºC Ω.cm 10^twelve ten^12 IEC93
Flame Resistance   94V0 94V0 UL94

Rigid Mica Plate/Flexible Mica Plate

Item Unit YG-5660-H1 YG-5660-H3 YG-5660-S1 YG-5660-S3
Mica Paper   Muscovite Phlogopite Muscovite Phlogopite
Mica Articles % >ca.ninety >ca.90 >ca.ninety >ca.ninety
Bond Articles % <ca.10 <ca.10 <ca.10 <ca.10
Density g/cm3 one.six-two.forty five 1.six-two.forty five 1.6-two. 1.six-2.
Heat Resistant Constant Services ºC five hundred-550 seven hundred-750 500-550 seven-hundred-750
Intermittent Services ºC 800 1000 800 a thousand
Heat Reduction at 500ºC % <1 <1 <1 <1
Heat Decline at 700ºC % <2 <2 <2 <2
Flexural Power Mpa >180 >140 <1 <1
Drinking water Absorption % <1 <1 / /
Dielectric Strength KV/mm >20 >20 >15 >15
Insulation Resistance 23ºC Ω.cm 10^seventeen ten^seventeen / /
Insulation Resistance 500ºC Ω.cm ten^twelve 10^twelve / /
Flame Resistance   90V0 90V0 90V0 90V0
Smoking Test s <4 <4 / /


Hot Sale Insulation Mica Sheet Plate