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Product Description

CZPT ctrical insulation bakelite plate price

1. Introduction: Electrical type 3571 bakelite phenolic insulation sheet
1)  Thickness:1-120mm
2)  Width: 1571X2571mm, 1220*2440mm
3)  Raw material:  21yarn 10yarn 32yarn

2. Property Electrical insulation bakelite plate price

1) Class b(130 degree) CZPT ctrical insulation bakelite plate price
2) good electric performance and mechanical property under normal condition. Fit for insulation parts which needs certain mechanical performance and electric performance for machine, motors and electrical apparatus and they also be used inn the transformer oil.

3)High mechanical performance, stable electrical properties, high tempreture


surface should be flat and velvet, without wrinkle and crack, avoid other disfigurement, such as scratch, impress, a few spot is CZPT .Fit for machine, electric apparatus and insulating parts for electronics like motor and transformer.

4. CZPT nical sheet Electrical insulation bakelite plate price

Properties 3571 laminated phenolic resin cotton cloth fabric bakelite insulation sheet Unit Value Test Value
Flexural strength perpendicular to laminations                                                 MPa 100 102
Bonding strength (≥10mm in thickness)                     N
Impact strength on parallel laminations(Charpy) KJ/m2 8.8 8.89
Insulation resistance after immersion in water (D-24/23)                                           Ω 1×106 1×106
Dielectric strength perpendicular to laminations
(in 90±2ºC transformer oil, 1 mm in thickness)                                                               
≥  MV/m 0.82 0.83
Breakdown voltage parallel to laminations
(in 90±2ºC transformer oil)     
≥             KV 1 1.14
Permittivity (48-60Hz)                
Density   g/cm3 (1.6-1.65) 1.63
Water absorption (D-24/23, 1.6mm in thickness)       mg 220 211.4
Color   Brown            Brown


5. Packing
Electrical type 3571 bakelite phenolic insulation sheet is put in one Plate approx 1ton, and then packing with film.
r4 G10 epoxy fiberglass cloth resin laminate sheet insulation material

6. Company information

ERIC(ZheJiang )TECHNOLOGY CZPT UP CO.,LTD is a professional manufacturer of Various electrical insulation materials.

Fr4 G10 epoxy fiberglass cloth resin laminate sheet insulation material

Our main products are as follows:

1.Laminated sheet: epoxy fiberglass cloth sheet & tube, phenolic bakelite sheet & rod.


2.Fiberglass sleeving: PVC fiberglass sleeve, acrylic fiberglass sleeve, silicone rubber fiberglass sleeve and silicone fiberglass sleeve

3.Electrical composite insulating paper: DMD CZPT NHN etc.

4. Mylar PET film, polyimide film
5.Varnished products


Eric always holds the principle of “Talent-oriented”, puts science and technology in the first place, employs qualified professionals to develop new products and meets market demands.