2-6t H Chicken Feed Hammer Mill Corn Hammer Mill

2-6t H Chicken Feed Hammer Mill Corn Hammer Mill

Tear Circle SFSP568 Sequence Hammer Mill

one. It is straightforward construction, protected, trustworthy, simply mounting and convenient operation, reduced vibration, substantial output
2. It is commonly utilised for grinding granular components, this sort of as corn, sorghum, wheat, soybean, etc
3. Steel plate welded construction Motor and rotor are mounted on identical base plate
four. Pin coupling direct connection driving Rotor passes correct dynamic balancing test
five. Safe procedure door to make certain it is locked when procedure
six. The inlet is on leading of device for easy operation.

      Product Dia. Of Rotor
Width Of Grinding Chamber(mm) Velocity Of Rotor
SFSP568-I 560 360 2940 22 two-3
SFSP568-I 560 360 2940 30 three-five
SFSP568-II 560 four hundred 2940 37 five-six

Primary Process of the Animal Feed Creation Line
Hammer Mill – Mixer – Pellet Mill – Cooler- Crumbler – Rotary Screener – Bagging Scale – Handle Centre

Grinding: Grind the raw materials into required size for further processing in 
poultry feed production.

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1) Feed hammer mill adopts best improve the production efficiency and make 
the high delicious poultry feed pellets. After grinding, the diameter of the final 
products could be the optimal size for pelleting.

2) Both coarse and fine grinding are realized through adjusting the gap 
between beater and screen.

CZPT Parameters of the SFSP Collection Circle Hammer mill

Model Electricity(kw) Capacity(t/h) Pace of Rotor(rpm)
SFSP568 22/thirty/37 2-six 2940
SFSP668 37-250 4-50 2970
SFSP998 55-250 6-fifty 1480
SFSP999 90-two hundred 15-fifty 1380


2-6t H Chicken Feed Hammer Mill Corn Hammer Mill