1600X1600X200mm Machine refurbishments/assembly T-slotted cast iron floor sales plate manufacturer s

Product Description

1. This 1600x1600x200mm T-slotted cast iron floor plate is specially built for a CZPT er to operate in the valves/compressors/refurbishment as a base bed plates;
2. The T-slots on top of this floor plate has a width of 20mm to receive M18 bolts for clamping works;
3. M36 studs leveling combined with anchor bolt locking down achieves the installation of this T-slotted cast iron floor plates;
4. All sizes can be CZPT ized as per your special requirements. And a drawing will be provided which just is drafted referring to your unique requirements;
5. Years of successful supplies of CZPT T-slotted cast iron floor plates to CZPT CZPT es enable us to be your excellent choice of supplying this kind of base plates. Also we do well in arranging overseas shipments, even with some special types of containers such as the 20′ flat racks, 40′ flat racks.